Ins and Outs: Auction Budget Planning

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By Rob Schwarz, Jr. (@ChiRuxinIDP)

Well, it has been awhile. In fact, I have not written anything for F3 since June. In my defense, many things have happened since then. First off, I have always joked about how In and Out Burger is exactly that…put the food IN your body and it quickly comes OUT. Not a pleasant thought, I know. However, it is fitting as I am the resident poop guy and my series of articles is called Ins and Outs!


If you are unfamiliar with my non-fantasy life (what’s the point of that, I know), I have Crohn’s disease. This is a condition I will live with and fight against for the rest of my life. I was diagnosed at 30 years old, and the last two years (I am now almost 35) has been rather unpleasant. With two trips to the hospital (one in June and one last September) because of a blockage in my colon, it is safe to say I am the poop guy. Or in this case, “the lack thereof poop guy.” (Does not have the same ring to it as just poop guy)

Now that you are ready to stop reading this article and are thinking, this guy should have stopped writing in June. Let me sway you back a little. Also during this time, I took a week-long vacation with many family members (19 of us!) to the happiest place on Earth. You guessed it! In and Out Burger!!

I joke, I joke! It was obviously Disney World. For those of you with children, this is an amazing experience. One I could not have taken part in yet without the help of my Dad and Mom (who passed away in 2017) who paid for EVERYONE!

However, now I am back. I have started to catch up on work. And well, honestly this article is WAY overdue. I was surprised I still had access to writing here. I did forget my password and had to reset it. Either that or someone changed my password in an attempt to keep me locked out.

Auction Budgets

In my previous article, I discussed how to manage your bankroll. In this article, I am going to explain how I go about sticking to my budget and how I plan for my auctions. In doing this, I have come up with a spreadsheet that I will be sharing with everyone. This spreadsheet is simple in design but has worked well for me this season.

The first thing you do is determine what your auction budget is going to look like. For most dynasty startups, that number is typically $1,000. However, as dynasty auction startups are coming to a screeching halt (these usually take place earlier in the year), I am going to dive into a redraft focus for this one.

This is great by the way because now I can essentially copy, paste and slightly edit this article and hit repeat for next year. All about the clicks baby! Plus, with so much content and months in between…will, you even remember I created essentially the same article twice? I guess we will see! ::Evil Laugh::


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