Ins & Outs: Dynasty Slow Startup Auctions

Remember when you heard about PPR leagues? Remember how people were hesitant to change from their boring standard formats? Well now PPR is the new standard format, or at least half-point PPR.

New changes have been sweeping the fantasy football community over the last few years in regards to types of leagues too. Not sure if you heard, but redraft fantasy football leagues are now for the average Joes. You know, those guys or gals at work who bug you for fantasy advice at the watercooler.

Keeper leagues are for those who think they know more than everyone else in their redraft league. These are the same coworkers who have lucked into winning the work league a few times. But if you really want to challenge yourself, join a dynasty league! They are truly becoming the new standard.

Now, I have run into a few “experts” who are in multiple dynasty leagues, but they have never been a part of a slow startup auction. I found this hard to believe. I decided to look at a startup auction draft and break down the ins and the outs of what to expect.

Before we begin, let me start off by saying, I am no “expert” at these things. I have done a handful, and they are a blast, but I know there are many out there who have done plenty more of these types of drafts than I have.

If you have ever heard of the Kitchen Sink or Pigs leagues, you will know guys or gals who are very familiar with this process. If you have not heard of these leagues, look into them! Ryan McDowell (Kitchen Sink) and Scott Fish (Pigs) have created amazing dynasty leagues. I am hoping to formulate the new envy with our 50 Shades of IDP league that Brandon DePouw (@bdepouw09) and I created that incorporates IDP and a Monopoly type game.

Dynasty slow startup auctions are for new dynasty leagues. Better yet, if you get bored after a handful of years and want to start your league over, these auction drafts can be a fun change of pace!


The Anticipation

The anticipation leading up to these drafts make the offseason more enjoyable. Do you know how you feel as we approach the first week of free agency? How about when the NFL Draft is only days away? (You should have that feeling right now by the way!) Well, these startup auctions remind me of those times of year. They also remind me of how I felt as a kid as Christmas Day crept closer.

Fast forward and the day has finally come. You are so excited with anticipation, that you forget everything there is about the process. If you had a strategy, it probably goes out the window rather quickly. Do not worry! It happens to all of us!

By the way, I will be working on a series of articles to follow that look at slow auction strategies (yes they exist) and also the different types of draft personalities you may run into. (Think about the guys sitting at the poker table…similar concept here)


The Process

Now the slow auction has started, but what does that mean? Everyone has an equal bankroll. Typically, the bankroll starts between $1,000 and $1,500 and any unused funds rollover as FAAB and/or for rookie auction drafts.

First, everyone must nominate a player. Let’s use 14 teams as our example for this article moving forward. Let us also assume the 14-team league is super-flex because that is the other new norm among leagues, especially dynasty leagues. Day one, every team must nominate a player. Most leagues I have been in require the nomination to take place between 8:00AM and 3:00PM EST.

Fourteen players are up for auction. Each player is on the clock for a set amount of time. This can range from a couple hours to 24 hours. Two auction types exist: proxy and non-proxy.

I prefer non-proxy. Proxy drafts you set a limit. Say you want a guy for $100. You bid $50, but set your max at $100. As other owners bid, it will automatically bid you up until someone bids higher than your max.

Non-proxy, you must continue to bid and bid. Everytime a bid takes place, the clock resets. None of the players will make it through on day one. At least, I have yet to see that happen. Now we move onto day two. Another 14 players are nominated and now 28 players are on the board. Another day usually without a winning bid.

Day three might be the soonest a winning bid takes place. And now 56 players are on the board. The craziness is the fun of everything!

The draft keeps moving and you have a high bid on a player you really want to own. The clock ticks down and is within an hour. The timer is lit up red. You feel confident this player is yours. Boom! Someone up-bids you by one dollar! Yep, you just got redlined! This is one of the most frustrating feelings in the world, but part of the game. Rivalries can easily develop from within a slow startup auction. I have even seen some owners go off and quit. Do not do that, this is just all for fun and part of the game.

Finally, you win your first player! Another whirlwind of emotions. Happiness and relief set in, but you cannot dwell on it too long. You have more auction dollars to spend and more players to win. Stop playing those boring leagues and find a dynasty startup before the season starts! You will not regret it!

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