F3 Mock Draft Series (2QB/SF)

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By: Frank Scandurro (@Frank_Scandurro)

F3’s Mock Draft Series

Welcome Back! Today we are going to be continuing our Mock Draft Series here at F3, where we pick a strategy and see how it pans out from different spots in the draft. Our goal is for you to get a better understanding of which angle you may be able to attack your draft from when that time comes. Today’s strategy is going to be the 12 team 2QB/SuperFlex/PPR.

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Drafting from the 3rd spot.

We start off the Mock Draft Series selection from the 3rd spot. As you can see the team is very well rounded. This team could fair well if it was a redraft or a dynasty startup. QBs are solid with a proven vet in Drew Brees and young upside with Jimmy G. I will never, and I repeat never, put the words Bortles and upside in the same sentence. That being said, I waited way too long to take my 3rd QB and settled for Bortles over Tyrod and Dalton. Grade B+.

The RBs are very solid. DJ, who we took 3rd overall, and Dalvin Cook, who slipped all the way to us in the 3rd, lead the way. Mixon will be a great flex option from the position and we drafted Michel midway thru for the youth, upside, and potential he could bring to this team. Grade A.

Now, this is where some people may wish they had more, however, I don’t necessarily hate the WR core. Garcon is one of my sleepers this season, Landry put up huge numbers with Tannehill, Moore and Smokin’ Jay for all those years in the abyss that is the Dolphins. We took some shots in the later rounds on solid low-end WR2-high end WR3s in Shepard, Hurns, and Mathews. DJ Moore is the real deep sleeper of this squad, as he could turn out to become Cam’s favorite target alongside Olsen and CMC. Grade B.

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Drafting from the 6th spot.

Championship contender is exactly what first comes to find when you sit back and analyze this team. Consistency and solid all-around performance from all starters is what the 6th spot squad of our Mock Draft Series gives you as an owner.

Let’s start with the QBs where Stafford and Rivers give you a great 1-2 punch. We also were able to match both our starting WRs to our starting QBs. This is personally something I love about this squad. You are going to get double the production from your QBs and WRs when they connect. Thank you caption obvious is what your thinking to yourself right now, and yes I get its black and white. But, people underestimate what kind of boost that can give your team week in and week out. Grade A-.

The RBs are to die for with this squad as well. You have two powerhouses in Zeke and Fournette who both could league the led in scoring and touchdowns, and are also not in RBBCs. Lewis , who I project as a PPR machine this season, is a nice flex option in the mid rounds. Grade A.

The WR core I already touched on with Allen and Jones who both have shown multiple times in their careers that they can put up 18+ pt fantasy weeks multiple times in a season, and in a PPR, Allen is a monster WR1. The bench also has high ceiling-low floor guys who you can plug and play when needed in Fuller, Ridley, and Godwin. Grade B.

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Drafting from the 10th spot.

I don’t automatically look at this team and fall in love. It’s like this team is that quiet girl who sits in the corner during class who no one really knows much about, but then one day she hits puberty and becomes the most popular girl in school. Okay, not exactly the metaphor I was looking for. This team at first doesn’t look hot and interesting, but then after a while, you can see its true beauty and potential. (That’s better) Grade F.

The Quarterback position for this team has sky-high upside, Matt Ryan was once the fantasy MVP only 2 seasons ago and D. Watson before a freak ACL injury was taking that same fantasy world by storm. The sky is the limit when it comes to this QB core. Grade B.

Now here is where that metaphor really comes into play, the RB core. Mixon, Penny, Guice, Freeman, Foreman. Yeah, I know; a Marvin Lewis RB, 3 rookies, and a guy coming off an Achilles injury-Frank what in the blue hell were you doing? Honestly, I was picking off of upside and hype.

Marvin Lewis has had RB1s before, 4 times actually in his 15 seasons in Cincy. Mixon could be #5, ah screw it, Mixon WILL BE #5. (Yep, I said it, just remember to quote me and this article come January.) The rookies though are where you’re going to find out what this squad really has, potential and opportunity are there for all 3. Grade B-/C+.

When you look at the WR core, you’re going to say, MT is there and then its a bunch of unproven guys and some old washed up ones. You’d be right, except you aren’t. Corey Davis is unproven, but the Titans have a chance to explode with offensive potential this year. Davis would be a huge beneficiary of that explosion.

Let me ask you this, without using our good friend Google, how many TDs does Kenny Stills have since he was traded to Miami?….15!! Yea that is right 15 TDs in 2 seasons. Kenny Stills has averaged just a shy over 10 pts a week since 2016 thanks to Grade B-.

I hope that you enjoyed my dive into the 2QB/SF/PPR mock draft. If you haven’t yet please go over and check my twitter page @Frank_Scandurro and also check out the rest of the writers @F3pod. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read something I love doing and put countless hours into, hoping to bring insight and knowledge to you. From everyone at thank you for visiting the site and being a part of our community. Until next time, Peace, Love, and Fantasy BABY!

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