F3’s Mock Draft: Zero RB vs Zero WR

By Frank Scandurro (@Frank_Scandurro)

First off let me say it is an honor that Tyler, Nick and Jonathan have brought me on to F3 as a writer. I want to thank them for the opportunity to bring some knowledge and my own personal insight to all the F3 community.

Now with that being said, welcome to the first edition of F3’s Mock draft series, where we will be taking different mock strategies and seeing how the teams turn out, grading each team and finally determining which strategy works best from each position. Today we have the every so popular ZERO RB vs the forgotten about ZERO WR strategy.

I decided that I would go with a 12 team, PPR scoring settings with a 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1FLEX roster for this strategy. I conducted 2 mocks from the 1-6-12 draft positions and went ZERO RB in one and ZERO WR in the other. In either scenario I did not pick the position until after round 5. I also stopped drafting after round 12, I’m not worried about later rounds or D/ST or K in these mocks.

 1st Pick

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Zero WR

QB– Watson RB– L. Bell, CMC, J. Mixon, T. Cohen WR– P. Garcon, J. Crowder, S. Shepard, J. Doctson, M. Sanu, M. Gallup TE– E. Engram.

Well, Well, Well this team strength is clearly at RB, which it should be. I do not know how I feel about the WR corps, if I had to I would say that Garcon and Shepard would probably be my two starters with maybe a strong consideration on Crowder, but without knowing how Smith is going to play without Mahomes behind him, I can’t tell yet. I also am realizing now that I took both Crowder and Doctson.  That may have been a mistake on my part, but you could also maybe move Mixon and Doctson for a very high upside WR2. I started this with obviously Bell, CMC, Mixon and then went Watson and Engram.

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Zero RB

QB– A. Rodgers RB – R. Penny, D. Guice, T. Coleman, K. Johnson, C. Coleman WR – A. Brown, A. Thielen, R. Woods, A. Miller, C. Ridley TE– T. Kelce.

The 1st positions ZERO RB team isn’t as bad as it first looks; you have studs at 3 of the positions for starters in Rodgers, Brown and Kelce. All 3 of those guys could easily carry your team. I just can’t seem to trust the RBs in this squad. The ceiling is sky high, but the floor is just as low. Will Seattle’s offensive line be able to block anyone this season, how much work will Guice truly get, does T. Coleman repeat the last two seasons. The RB position with this team just scares me overall.  I honestly think I would be scrambling week to week to start the right two.

Position Zero WR Grade Zero RB Grade


With all that being said and the teams laid out, I would have to say that if I drew the 1st overall pick and I wanted to go with either ZERO RB or ZERO WR, my easy choice would be to load up on the RBs and take my chances with the WR core. I think the Zero WR team is more well-rounded and that the WRs beat out the RBs of the ZERO RB mock.

 6TH Pick

Zero WR

QB– T. Brady RB– A. Kamara, J. Mckinnon, R. Jones II, D. Foreman, P. Barber  WR– J. Landry, W. Fuller, R. Anderson, S. Shepard, K. Golladay, D. Westbrook TE-R.Gronkowski

This team looks like an immediate championship contender, Brady-Gronk combo, Solid RB depth with tremendous upside and a nice combo of WR2s with upside. The 6th pick ZERO WR team looks even better than the ZERO WR 1st pick team does in my opinion. I would be ecstatic if this was my team after the draft in my home league. Yes, you’re banking on Kamara repeating his success, Mckinnon showing consistently what he flashed in Minn. And R. Jones performing and doing the job he was brought into TB to do. That said this teams potential is sky high.

Zero RB

QB– D. Watson RB– R. Freeman, M. Lynch, J. Williams(GB), R. Burkhead, C. Clement, L. Blount WR– D. Hopkins, D. Adams, S. Diggs, T. Lockett, A. Miller      TE– G. Olsen

Oh man! The more and more I conduct the ZERO RB mocks, the more and more I hate the teams that come from them. Does this team have upside? YES. Does the team have studs? YES. But, does the production you get from the QB, WR and TE positions give this team enough each and every week to make up for the RB position? If you want to bank on Freeman getting the bulk of the carries and John Gruden to run Lynch into the ground for one last season, then yes, I could defiantly see this team compete for a title. That’s a big IF though.

Position Zero WR Grade Zero RB Grade
WR B-/C+ A

There is a clear-cut answer for me; if I have the 6th pick and want to go with either of these strategies, ZERO WR is the one I’m choosing.  The ZERO WR team blows the ZERO RB team out the water. Solid upside all around with high ceilings at each position.

12th pick

Zero WR

QB– A. Rodgers RB– L. Fournette, K. Hunt, A. Collins, M. Ingram WR– M. Jones, E. Sanders, D. Parker, K. Benjamin, M. Bryant, C. Kirk, G. Allison TE– K. Rudolph

This ZERO WR strategy is turning into something worthwhile, I would say from all 3 mocks each team has turned out pretty well, all have solid options and are loaded in the QB and RB positions. Yes, I know Ingram is suspended, but that doesn’t mean that when he comes back he doesn’t get carries. However, you may not need him and can use him as trade bait for a WR2 after he comes back…Fournette, Hunt, and Collins are a top notch RB squad. Wideouts have nice upside and could turn out well, especially if we get the D. Parker that we all have been waiting for 3 years to show.

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Zero RB

QB– D. Brees RB– D. Lewis, J. Ajayi, K. Johnson, L. Miller, D. Foreman, P. Barber WR– M. Thomas, A.J. Green, A. Robinson, C. Ridley, M. Sanu TE-J. Graham

I’m going to be straight up honest with each and every single one of you, I’m from New Orleans, born and raised a Saints fan, have a fleur de lis tattoo, and cried when Marcus Williams blew the playoff game.

Ok, now that is out the way, this ZERO RB team lacks in RB just as strong as it is in the WR department, and in fantasy that does not end well. This team just isn’t consistent enough to keep you alive long into the season, I feel like you would have to do some major waiver wire work and trading to get this RB core up to par.

Position Zero WR Grade Zero RB Grade


I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read something i love doing and put countless hours into, hoping to bring insight and knowledge to you. From everyone at thank you for visiting the site and being a part of our community. Until next time, Peace, Love, and Fantasy BABY!