F3 Analyst Mock Draft: 12 Team/PPR

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By: Frank Scandurro (@Frank_Scandurro)

F3’s Mock Draft Series

Welcome Back! Today we are going to be continuing our Mock Draft Series here at F3, where we pick a strategy and see how it pans out from different spots in the draft. Our goal is for you to get a better understanding of which angle you may be able to attack your draft from when that time comes. Today’s Mock is going to be a tad different as we have 4 of my F3 counterparts drafting with me.

We are doing a PPR/12 teamer mock draft. I wanted to get some of my fellow F3 writers into a mock and see how players were reached for and ones who fell with actual humans instead of the bots, like the two previous mocks I have done.

The F3 writers that joined me for this mock draft are; Coach X(@xavierjwarner), Rob Schwarz Jr. (@ChiRuxinIDP), Matt Spencer (@Maatspencer), Matt Fleisher (@FFMattFleisher).

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Coach X(@xavierjwarner)’s mock draft from spot numero uno!

Coach X – I thought my draft went pretty well.

Zeke at the 1.01 may be a surprise to most but for me Zeke is one of the most complete backs in the NFL and has had two outstanding years despite the suspension looming over his head all of last year. I could have easily gone Gurley or Bell but Zekes’ ceiling is up there for me and I had to pull the trigger. Rounding out my RB group with Mixon, Ajayi and Murray were just okay. I think Mixon is a candidate to break out and we’re already hearing Bell Cow rumors for Ajayi so I couldn’t pass that up. Lat Murray was given a nice contract last year before they drafted Dalvin so I’m under the impression that he will be used.

Travis Kelce and Trey Burton were my targets and I got them. Pretty cut and dry pieces for my team with consistency and a potential Top 3 finish in Kelce and the high upside and ceiling in Burton was exactly what the doctor ordered.

The WR group has taken a high ceiling mantra, and I’m not sure I like it. Definitely the weak spot to a degree but I think I would be confident rolling out a group of Landry, Davis, Watkins and Bryant ( this mock was pre-suspension talks). People have Gordon projected above Landry and I just don’t see it. Tyrod is efficient and he accomplishes that by attempting to get the ball out quickly. Landry is going to eat up targets similarly as he did in Miami.

QBs are SWEEEEET. Waited till late and took the fantasy consistency in Stafford (huge truther) and the incredibly vast upside of Mahomes and I couldn’t be more thrilled! This is one of my best couples in Superflex and fantasy leagues as a whole because they both compliment each other so well for this year and years moving forward as well.

Frank S – Love Zeke at 1.01, take the chance that the guy that runs behind the best O-line in football doesn’t get into any more legal trouble and plays a full 16 games. He repeated what 2016 Zeke does if that happens. Love Kelce but hate taking him this early. Don’t love the WR core, but can see its potential, if a few hit this team is dangerous.

ChiRuxin – Love the ballsy move of taking Ezekiel Elliot first overall. Was shocked to see Saquon Barkley go third based on ADP autodraft. Outside of Zeke though, I’m not a fan of his backs. I think Mixon takes one more year to be anything better than an RB2/3. Taking Kelce in the third over a wide receiver was also gutsy. He got great value late though with Jarvis Landry, Corey Davis and Sammy Watkins.

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Frank Scandurro (@Frank_Scandurro)’s mock draft from the 4th spot.

Coach X- I like Franks team overall, I think his WRs are deep and the strongest part of his team if you look at the group as a whole. Lots a depth and all will be involved in their respective offenses. Not super high on little but if you’re waiting that long for a TE, his upside with Jimmy G is something I would buy in for at that spot of the draft.

Frank S – How Lev Bell falls to the 4th spot in a PPR draft ill never understand, but if I am at the 4th spot its a no-brainer. This team has depth, along with young hungry talented players and wise old vets. The starting roster looks like a champion waiting to be crowned. I also think with an injury or two this team could survive. We have Garcon and Hurns waiting in the wings for the Wideouts and Duke Johnson and/or James white could replace penny just fine.

If Lev Bell goes down though, it could kill any momentum this team has going for it. Overall I was very happy with this squad, If it turned out this was a true draft, I would walk away having full confidence that this team would compete each and every week.

ChiRuxin – I am not the only one weak at the tight end position. I like Kittle, but do not see him being anything better than a TE2. Frank has the best PPR back in the game in Le’Veon Bell. That enough makes him a threat. Pairing him with PPR monsters Adam Thielen and Golden Tate helps too! I am not sold on Rashaad Penny, but Duke Johnson is a great pass catcher. Just curious if he falls off some now with such a crowded backfield in Cleveland.

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Rob Schwarz Jr. (@ChiRuxinIDP)’s mock draft from the 5th spot.

Coach X – I love everything about this team EXCEPT for his TE. I think Eifert is injury prone and will never be a full piece to a winning fantasy team. Everything else about his team is gold! Depth at WR, high upside at RB and an above average fantasy asset at QB rounds out a very balanced squad.

Frank S – If you want proof that waiting for QB is gold, look no more than right here at this team. TE needs work, but you can stream TEs easily in FF. Team has huge PPR quality and I could see it where by week 4-5 the starting WRS are AB, Kupp, and Moore.

ChiRuxin – Probably the first time ever I did not draft a quarterback until the last round. I am typically a late round QB kind of guy, but never the last round. Still got Dak Prescott though, who I believe has a better year if Ezekiel Elliott can stay on the field. Yes, I know they have no receivers or tight end, but he did fine with a similar cast most of his rookie season.

Taking Antonio Brown over David Johnson was a tough call, but I think I made the right decision seeing this is a PPR league. I took other upside receivers to pair with him. Allen Robinson is not a volume guy, but can put up huge numbers as the lead receiver in Chicago. Alshon Jeffrey came on stronger at the end of the season last year and has potential to be a WR1 most weeks. He’s paired them with slot-type pass catcher in Cooper Kupp and DJ Moore. I love that receiver combination!
If you look at my backs, they are all pass catchers. Taking McKinnon in the third was tough for me as I am not a truther. However, the value was there. I am weak at the tight end position, but if Eifert plays at least 75 percent of the season I have a TE1 out of the 10th Round. This team could compete. Some things to go my way (everyone needs this), but I see this as an easy playoff team.


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Matt Fleisher (@FFMattFleisher)’s mock draft from the 6th spot.

Coach X – I’m so so about this team. I love having Rodgers, I love having a three-headed beast in Johnson, Adams and Gordon where much of the production will come from for this team. Lewis, Crowder, Goodwin, Hogan, Blount and Njoku will be great sources of production from a complementary standpoint.

Frank S – This team isn’t my favorite, again hate taking TE or QB earlier than round 7 or 8. If Lewis and Thompson perform like they are projected than this team will be fine at RB…WR is where I have an issue. Hogan and Goodwin are hit and miss options.

ChiRuxin – Remember when I said I was on the fence between Antonio Brown and David Johnson, well David Johnson went right after me. This would be the guy I watch all season if comparing teams. The pass-catching backs on this team remind me of my team. There are upside plays with Josh Gordon and David Njoku. Plus he has the best fantasy quarterback in the league with Aaron Rodgers. Could be a sneaky tough team!

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Matt Spencer (@Maatspencer)’s mock draft from spot 8.

Coach X – Triple WR to start off the draft just oozes confidence, and that confidence must be in the rookie RBs that were selected (Freeman, Jones, Chubb). If the rookie RBs play out very well then this team could be destined for a deep playoff run but that’s a whole lot of pressure to be putting on guys that don’t have a carved out role just yet. Odell, AJ and Fitz are SCARY GOOD though so I’m fine with it.

Frank S – Potential, Potential, Potential. Man oh Man if Luck plays anywhere close to the old Luck, and two of the rookie RBs are decent; even low RB2 range. Watch out! Because this team is going to score points in droves.

ChiRuxin – This is my favorite team other than my own. His receivers are stacked. He went with an all-rookie running back approach, but I think it could actually pan out. Royce Freeman is my 1.02 among the rookies. Ronald Jones II has a clear path to touches in Tampa Bay. Nick Chubb could come on later in the season, plus Carlos Hyde isn’t always the healthiest. He took a risk with Andrew Luck (screwed me last year in most leagues), but if that pays off he is set!
Maat S – I took OBJ in the 1st round at 1.08 which seemed like a no-brainer to me. Hopkins was my 2nd choice. Next I took AJG at 2.05 having missed out on a big tier dropoff at RB. I was planning on taking Shady, but the fact that he was gone the RBs were not too my liking here so I took my WR11 Fitz. In the 4th having missed out on RBs so far I reached a bit for Royce Freeman because of the opportunity share he is set to get. 5th round my RB situation is getting rough… I was between Duke and RoJo. Decided on RoJo with a better situation. Big reach with the Chubb pick, having missed on RBs earlier I took a chance and grabbed for the upside Chubb can give my team. 10th round Andrew Luck? Yes please. If he doesn’t pan out I can always stream QBs.

Team Breakdowns

Matt S. gave us the breakdown of the teams from his website sportssabermetrics.net. As you can see from the pictures below, the team totals have Frank and Fleish finishing 4 points apart and at the top of the standings.

Coach X = 1574, FrankScan = 1641, ChiRuxin = 1544, Fleish6 = 1645 Matt = 1544.

I would like to thank Matt and the rest of the writers for taking time out of their busy day to mock with me and also review each team.

I hope that you enjoyed our dive into the 12 teamer/PPR mock draft. If you haven’t yet please go over and check my twitter page @Frank_Scandurro and also check out the rest of the writers @F3pod. I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read something I love doing and put countless hours into, hoping to bring insight and knowledge to you. From everyone at thefffranchise.com thank you for visiting the site and being a part of our community. Until next time, Peace, Love, and Fantasy BABY!