Jimmy Graham or Trey Burton? Twitter Speaks!

By: Brian Derario (@BrianDFF)

I just took over an orphan dynasty team that I thought needed some help at tight end. My rostered tight ends included Jimmy Graham and Jesse James. The team I took over was in between being a contender and being a rebuild. In these situations, I tend to blow it up and start a full-on rebuild. I like to trade away productive older players and get a younger, unproven, high-upside guy and a draft pick or two. I am very high on Trey Burton, as talented pass-catching tight ends are few and far between and I believe in his talent.

I know there is a lot of hype around Jimmy Graham joining Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. He certainly could be featured as the second or third option for the best quarterback in the NFL. I don’t think Graham has it anymore and is merely a red zone target for 50/50 balls. reassured me of this hypothesis, with 18 of Graham’s 95 targets came in the end zone. Now for Graham that is great, and is the main reason the tight end caught 10 touchdowns in 2017. My problem is I have no idea if that will carry over to Graham’s new offense.

So, I traded Graham for Burton straight up. I took to Twitter to gather thoughts from the community about the trade. The feedback varied, and below are some of my favorites.


This tweet sparked massive engagement in the community. I knew it would be controversial, but I didn’t expect such differing opinions on the subject. A few responses will illustrate this:

Immediately prompted me to send a Stanley Hudson eye-roll gif.

Now, THIS is a hot take.

Now, I wanted to say that I understand the risk. Jimmy Graham is an accomplished Tight End with a history of success, both with the Saints and with the Seahawks. I mean, he has had 16 touchdowns with Seahawks in the last two years. Why am I so down on him?

The truth is I’m not. I just think that Burton has so much upside for next year and the future. In 5 games started for the Eagles (when Zach Ertz went down with injury), Burton recorded 63 receptions for 629 yards and 6 touchdowns. He wasn’t just good, he was great.

Burton also goes to a Matt Nagy offense who has experience using Tight Ends creatively and effectively under the Andy Reid coaching tree (See: Travis Kelce).

I’m not projecting Burton to tear up the league in year one with the Bears. Mitchell Trubinsky is still developing, and Matt Nagy doesn’t have any experience as a head coach. I’m not saying that Jimmy Graham is bad, or won’t have a great season with Green Bay.

What I am saying is there is one player who is in the twilight of his career, and one player who is just getting their career started on what looks like a tight-end friendly offense. Why is it so crazy to do a one-for-one trade and banking on the upside that a promising Trey Burton has shown thus far in his career?

Some people just don’t agree.

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