Rebuilding for Next Season

As we approach the halfway point of the fantasy season, I am sure many of you have to come to realize that this may not be your year to claim a dynasty championship. There certainly are some leagues where I have had to have that rude awakening, and it really is not pleasant. But with defeat comes the opportunity to learn and grow, and as fantasy managers, we must do that in the form of rebuilding a broken team of shattered dreams into a gold-clad squad fit to be champions. From my experience, there seems to be no better way at doing that than trading for currently devalued players and taking a risk on young guys with upside. For this particular article, I am going to be taking a look at rookies only.

Derrius Guice

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First and foremost, and likely the hardest player to acquire, Derrius Guice. I know he is a fairly obvious choice here, but that does not make it any less of an awesome idea. We all know he looked amazing in college, landed in a solid spot for a rookie, and was a sexy beast for all 42 seconds he played in the preseason. So with that in mind, go and trade for him if you can. The situation is made far more likely if he is on a team that is at the very least competitive this year, as you could offer a piece to bolster their lineup now.

As far as how much you should pay, it depends. I know managers who want the moon and more for Guice, but a price that I would be willing to pay falls around a 2019 1st plus a mid-tier skill position player. Give the Guice manager the ability to plug someone in that will help them now and the chance to gamble at next years rookie draft, while you receive the kind of player that you would hope to get with that draft pick. It’s a win-win situation, which is what all good trades should come out to.

Cam Sims

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Second, we have Cam Sims, who is a far lesser known player than Guice. I actually must attribute my knowledge of Sims to our own @ffstatman. He has been talking about him for a bit now, and I came to see the light throughout this past preseason. Cam Sims was not a standout during his time with Alabama. He went undrafted, for an arguably good reason, as he has not shown much. This may not be entirely on him though, as he simply has never had the opportunity. The Redskins signed him shortly after the draft, and throughout the preseason he shined. Sims led the Redskins in receiving yards during the preseason with 131 on five receptions.

Sadly, he injured his ankle during the first play of the regular season and had to be placed on injured reserve. Because of the injury, Sims may not even be rostered in smaller leagues, but in those with savvier managers, he likely is. If the former is your case, then pick him up! Especially if your league has an injured reserved that he can sit on until he is healthy. If however the latter describes your league, now is the time to trade for him. has given him a “Freak Score” of 55, a measurement of a players height and speed weighted against Calvin Johnson’s, which places him in the 84th percentile. I am not saying that he is certainly going to break out next season and be a top 10 dynasty asset, but what I am saying is that he likely will never be cheaper, and the only direction he can really go from here is up. I would not pay more than a 2019 3rd round pick for him at the moment, and you actually might be able to get him for cheaper. He is a gamble, a dart throw really, and I prefer the darts that have upside like Cam Sims.

James Washington

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Finally, James Washington. Washington was a standout at Oklahoma State during his four years there. In both of his final two seasons, he had over 70 receptions, 1300 yards, and at least 10 touchdowns. His superb efforts in college were rewarded with a second-round selection in the NFL draft by the Steelers. While a very a promising prospect, he has not actually done much of anything in Pittsburgh. I have a hard time seeing a reality in which it stays that way, especially considering the Steelers’ uncanny ability to select incredible wide receivers in the draft, so now is the time to buy.

I imagine that his current woes may have some managers forgetting about his amazing production in college, which means that they may have an easier time letting go of Washington than they would have earlier in the season. As with Guice, this trade will be easier to pull off if the manager is a potential contender this season, but if not, you should definitely still put an offer in. A WR/RB 3 and a 2019 3rd is a fair offer for Washington in his current state, but I would be willing to make that 3rd into a 2nd if the manager will not budge. It may take time for this one to pay off, as Pittsburgh is deep at the position, but his talent should eventually shine through, even if it is after Ben retires.

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